~ What's Coming Up Here at PBC ~

November 14th through November 18th...

Wednesday, November 14th

9:00am...  Men's Prayer

*Noon - 2:00pm...  50 Days of Prayer*

     State of Utah and Country of Gabon

Thursday, November 15th

9:30am...  Home Reading Group at Ginny Porterfield's Home

     Book Study, "The Forgotten Way"

2:00pm...  Thursday Home Group at Bobbie Hamby's Home Studying 2 Peter

*Noon - 2:00pm... 50 Days of Prayer*

     State of Oklahoma and Country of Guinea Bissau

Friday, November 16th

1:30pm...  Bible Study at Sound Vista

7:00pm...  Friday Praise & Prayer at PBC

*Noon - 2:00pm... 50 Days of Prayer*

     State of New Mexico and Country of Swaziland

Saturday, November 17th

10:00am...  Intercessory Prayers - Healing Scriptures

*Noon - 2:00pm... 50 Days of Prayer*

     State of Arizona and Country of Equatorial Guinea

Sunday, November 18th

9:00am...  Sunday Morning Bible Study

10:00am...  Celebration in Worship "A Song of Salvation" 

Isaiah 12 & Psalm 105

*Noon - 2:00pm... 50 Days of Prayer*

     State of Alaska and Country of Mauritius

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the events scheduled for this week please call the church office at (253) 858-9808

Our Fall/Winter office hours are Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from 10:00 - 3:00.  Stop by and come see us

Our Bible Study Groups are now active.  The days and times are posted weekly!  Please email us if you have questions at office@penbaptist.org

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