Sunday, September 15 ~ Celebration in worship

Service Starts at 10:00am


"The Priests of the Kingdom"  ~  Guest Speaker, Gary Wiens

Scripture Reading:

Deuteronomy 10, Revelation 1, 

Zechariah 3, Numbers 8, Matthew 4, John 15

Tuesday, September 17 ~ Ladies Bible study & alpha group

Ladies Bible Study Begins September 10th at 9:45!


This year, we will be studying, 

“Growing Through Life’s Challenges”, 

written by James & Martha Reapsome. 

All books are available from Jean Lyle-Roberton.

ALPHA Group Meeting from 6:00pm ~ 8:00pm


What is Alpha?

Alpha is a program for Youth and for Adults that do not know Christ or are weak in their walk, who want to find out more about who He is. 

Come, listen, take part in the discussions & learn something new about Christ, this Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 18

Men's Prayer Group - Begins at 9:30am


Thursday, September 19

Thursday Reading Group - Begins at 9:30am


This week, our group will be viewing then reflecting on the DVD, "Many Beautiful Things".  

This docu-drama recounts the life of Lillias Trotter.  

It is a powerful testimony of one hearing and following God's call upon her life.

* This group will be meeting at Paul and Mary Jones home.

Friday, September 20 ~ Bible study & night of worship

1:30pm ~ Bible Study at Sound Vista


7:00pm ~ Praise and Worship Night


Saturday, September 21


~  10:00am  ~

Intercessory Prayer - Scriptures that Heal

Sunday, September 22 ~ Celebration in worship

"Living As One"


Scripture Reading:

Colossians 3:1-17

What Are We About?



To Glorify our Triune God, 

Demonstrating and Reflecting His love in Gig Harbor and Beyond, 

So that All People May Live Fully    

     -In the Presence ...

     -By the Power  ...

     -For the Purposes of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



This Congregation’s Highest Priorities Shall Be: 

  • Commitment to a lifestyle of praise and worship of God, 
  • Commitment to grow in our faith and to care for one another through small groups, and  
  • Commitment to an outward focus of evangelism and discipleship as described by Jesus in Matthew 25:34-40; equipping new disciples and encouraging growth in spiritual maturity and effective service for the Lord. 


          We Are a People of GOD'S Presence, 

           Embracing the WORDS of God 

               and the SPIRIT of God,

  Being Transformed into the IMAGE of God, 

    Bringing Forth the KINGDOM of God.


We are Passionate People of Prayer on Mission with God,

A Place of Worship and Prayer for Our Community, 

Here in Gig Harbor, Uniting the Body of Christ;

-In Ongoing Praise and Worship

-Equipping & Releasing Center for Followers of Jesus        

-Providing Healing, Deliverance, and Transformation

-Establishing a Culture and Atmosphere of Honor, Humility, 

and Joy that Permeates the Whole Church.



We are open to God’s Purpose, Plan & Provision While We Anticipate Those Plans to Include:

     -To be Continually Growing with the Impact of Ministry and Witness in Small Groups

     -To have Everyone Involved in “Mission” HERE– and ABROAD

     -To be a “Safe Place” of the Discovery/Development/and Exercise
       of the Gifts of the Spirit 

     -To be a Birthing Center for New Churches 

     -To be a Resource of Encouragement and Training for Other Congregations 

     -For Whatever Else the LOVE of God Requires of Us.

Prayer Ministries at PBC

Prayer is at the heart of our ministry here at Peninsula Baptist Church.  

We have prayer teams ready to pray with you at our Sunday Worship  service.  

For those who cannot attend our Sunday service, 

we also have a team solely focused on emailed prayer requests.  

God's power and love are freely poured out for all in need.  

Contact Our Prayer Ministry