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The Branch Bears Fruit

11/11/2018 Sermon - Continuing the series of the "Gospel" of Isaiah, this week we examine the truths of Isaiah 11 - fulfilled in Jesus Christ:   the Righteous Branch from the Root of Jesse bears great fruit.

Here I Am -- Send Me!

10/28/2018 Sermon - A message of invitation to encounter the LORD and join Him in bringing His good news to others.

The Mountain of the LORD

Sunday's Sermon from 10/21/2018 -Isaiah 2 describes the Mountain of the LORD - which is over all - for all - to teach and transform all.
Come, let's go ....

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Sermon from 10/14/2018, as we start a new series on "The Gospel of Isaiah".  Hear God's invitation to forgiveness and restoration as we explore the truths of Isaiah chapter 1.