Peninsula Baptist Church in Gig Harbor - Videos of Sermons Are Available

The God of All Comfort

On January 27, 2019, Guest speaker, Rev. Terry Oliver, shares a message of hope and comfort in the midst of loss.

What A Mighty God!

Examining Isaiah 40:12-31, this message from January 20th explores the awesome might and power of the LORD; to encourage our walking - running - and soaring in His strength and faith.

Shout the Good News

The gospel is "Good News" - Let's be bold to share it and live it with everyone around us!  This message from January 20, 2019,  unpacks the good news as seen in Isaiah 40:1-11.

In Quietness and Trust

Peninsula Baptist Church in Gig Harbor; In the Business of Building Hope, One Life at a Time.

January 6, 2019 - A New Year's message of hope and invitation from Isaiah 30:8-26.  PBC is in the Business of Building Hope